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  • Visibility
  • Load sensor
  • Ergonomics
  • Hydrostatic transmission
The first thing in the safe design of Avant is its basic construction. The operator has an excellent, unrestricted 360 degree field of vision. Positioned in the front part of the machine, the operatorís seat is as close to the attachment as it can safely be - that's why an Avant driver can always see what he is doing and where he is going.

The load sensor also comes as standard in the Avant 600 series. Audible warning signals are heard if the rear wheels are about to lift off of the ground, warning the operator immediately should he/she, for example, inadvertently move the load away from the machine with the telescopic boom.

Working with the machine is very easy and logical. Cockpit ergonomics is well thought out and all controls are well positioned.

Hydrostatic transmission guarantees smooth and exact driving. The machine can be controlled with extreme precision both on low and higher drive speeds.

  • ROPS safety frame and FOPS canopy
  • Seat belt
Avant 600 series comes as standard with a tested and certified ROPS safety frame, which is a four post structure which really protects the operator, for instance when driving backward and accidentally hitting an obstacle. The ROPS frame and the optional FOPS canopy are tested and certified and comply with the relevant ISO standards. The two-point seat belt is standard feature as well.

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